Delectable Desserts

Sweet tooth?

Doughbird- Moab, UT

Doughbird- donuts, chicken, coffee. Any questions? This little gem can be found in Moab, Utah. The city is famous for being close to Arches National Park (which you can read more about here), Canyonlands National Park, biking and more. In fact, there is so much to do in the surrounding areas that makes it a … Continue reading Doughbird- Moab, UT

Ice Cream from Sundae

June is dairy month, so let’s talk ice cream. Growing up in the Midwest gave Paul and I innumerable opportunities to sample an array of frozen treats. It’s hard to think back and remember a nice sunny day that didn’t end in a stop for ice cream. This being said, I think we have enough … Continue reading Ice Cream from Sundae

Cupcakes from Sweet Retreat

Sweet retreat is a little bakery in Edina, MN that we stumbled upon recently. The first time we went, we came about an hour before closing and there wasn’t much left to pick from because they make everything fresh each day with the goal of selling out by the end of business. We picked out … Continue reading Cupcakes from Sweet Retreat