Minneapolis- St. Paul Airport (MSP)

Of all of the traveling we have done over the years and airports we have been to, MSP is one of our favorites, especially Terminal 1. It is clean, modern, convenient and the employees here are all MN nice! Whether you are starting your trip from here or you just have a layover, there is something to keep the boredom at bay while you wait for your plane.


In the rarely used A concourse, you will find a small arcade. There is hardly ever anyone here because it is so tucked away, making it a great reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport. There are some old school games here like Pac-Man and a few multi player games too. There are even some comfy chairs and bigger tables, making it a fun place to hang out if you have a few hours to wait.

The Art Gallery

In the C concourse, you will find a collection of art with local scenes. There are lots of couches and chairs here also that are quite a bit comfier than the ones at the gates. If you like watching planes, that’s OK too! There are huge windows here you can look out of while enjoying some R&R before your travels.

The Food

MSP airport is one of the best airports in my opinion, because of all the choices of food! There are lots of fast food/ grab and go options if you are in a rush, but there are a lot of nicer, sit down places that offer full menus of food with a lot of options- including vegetarian! One of our favorite places to stop if we have time is Black Sheep for their woodfired pizzas.

The Mall

Need to do some last minute shopping? MSP airport has you covered! Whether you need some Minnesotan souvenirs, a new book or magazine, toys and snacks for the plane or anything with Prince on it, you can find it in the Mall! Located right in the middle of the terminal, you can’t miss it. It does get fairly crowded here, so if you are looking to do some laid back shopping, you might want to look elsewhere.

We hope you find this guide helpful for your journey! If your final destination is Minnesota, check out some of our other guides for some ideas of things to do in the area!

Happy Travels!

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