Afterword Tavern and Shelves

I am always on the hunt for unique independent bookstores to visit when we travel anywhere new. When we were in Kansas City, we found this gem that I am very excited to share with you!

Afterword Tavern and Shelves is a unique book store can be found in the Crossroads district of Kansas City. They offer a smaller selection of new books, but they also have a full bar that serves a rotating menu of book themed cocktails! There is an abundance of cozy seating and large tables perfect for meeting up with friends and chatting about books together.

The interior of the shop is small, but cozy. It is decorated with brick walls, large open bookshelves and candles which give this place a very warm and inviting feel.

After you are done browsing for the perfect book, be sure to stop at the bar and try one of their delicious cocktails to pair with your new book. If you are local to the area, they also offer a subscription where you can get a new book and a bottle of wine to go with it- a great gift idea for anyone who lives in Kansas City!

If you are planning on visiting Kansas City, check out our guide to 3 Days in Kansas City for some ideas on other things to see and do in the area.

Let us know what you think when you get a chance to visit!

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