Ice Cream from Sundae

June is dairy month, so let’s talk ice cream. Growing up in the Midwest gave Paul and I innumerable opportunities to sample an array of frozen treats. It’s hard to think back and remember a nice sunny day that didn’t end in a stop for ice cream. This being said, I think we have enough experience to be qualified as “experts” in the fields of ice cream foraging and consumption- you are in good hands!

We recently returned from a road trip through the American Southwest and one of the places we drove through was Vail, Colorado. This little town is known worldwide for it’s massive ski resorts and gets to be very busy in December and January. We weren’t able to make it here until May which is very much it’s off season for skiing (we practically had the place to ourselves!), but is the perfect time to grab some ice cream.

After chatting with the visitor center employees, we received a list of places that were worthy of a stop for dessert. We decided on Sundae to get some ice cream and this place DID NOT DISSAPOINT!!!

The ice cream served here is made fresh on-site and is super creamy (not like the freezer burned stuff you get from the grocery stores)!!! The special flavor of the day was a cherry crumble and it was bursting with fresh cherries and bits of crumble topping. Paul even liked it even though his go to flavor is cookies ‘n cream. After we got our cones, we walked around by the river as we ate them.

With no snow, this place was like a ghost town devoid of tourists. A lot of the shops were still open so if you want to see Vail without the crowds, early May is a great time to visit. Happy June!

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