Cupcakes from Sweet Retreat

Sweet retreat is a little bakery in Edina, MN that we stumbled upon recently. The first time we went, we came about an hour before closing and there wasn’t much left to pick from because they make everything fresh each day with the goal of selling out by the end of business. We picked out a few cupcakes to take home and try.




If there is such a thing as “the perfect cupcake” I think this is it! The ratio of frosting to cake is spot on, the frosting isn’t overpoweringly sweet, the cake part tastes like some of the best cake I’ve ever had- springy and so so flavorful.

The next time we went back (in the morning) we may or may not have ordered one of each flavor available that day…. Each one was amazing. I think my favorite was the bananas foster, so be sure to try that one if it’s available when you visit. They rotate through flavors depending on the season so each time you go there will be something different to try.

There are a lot of other things they make and sell, but we haven’t made our way passed the cupcake display yet. Let us know if you give this place a try and what you think!

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