Literally Anything from Extraordinary Desserts

One of my favorite places to visit is sunny San Diego. It is gorgeous year round with predictable weather that is perfect for going to the beach almost every day. I like to visit new places, but affordable flight to San Diego make that really hard to to.

There are so many great places in this city to satisfy your sweet tooth, but Extraordinary Desserts is my all time favorite. They use fresh fruits, the lightest and softest custards and mousses, delectable ganaches and drizzles all topped with beautiful flowers or edible gold leaf. Each individual confection here is a little bit pricey, but worth every penny in my opinion.

Not only do they have, well, extraordinary desserts, but they also serve food and wine as well. We haven’t ever made it passed the beautiful dessert cases, but maybe someday I will try one of their sandwiches. Wishful thinking, right?

I love anything with raspberry and white chocolate, so the White Chocolate Linzer Torte is my go-to from Extraordinary, meanwhile Paul is a bit of a chocolaholic, so he always gets things that are a minimum triple chocolate. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you get, so try it all!

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